John Padula is a candidate for Kootenai County Commissioner, and he asks for your vote this May to help advance county policies that serve its residents.

If John’s name seems familiar to you, it may be because he unwillingly became a focus of local news in 2016. That year, a lone gunman shot Pastor Tim Remington at the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, where John was an outreach pastor. Along with Pastor Tim’s, John’s name was also on the gunman’s “manifesto”. Pastor Tim survived, and as he recovered, much of the responsibility for ministering to the church’s congregation and the individuals in the church’s rehabilitation programs fell on John’s shoulders. It was a tough time for John, as Tim Remington was like a father to him, the key that brought God into John’s life.

A Rocky Start

Born in Coeur d’Alene in 1978, John’s early years were marked by challenges that seemed insurmountable. After facing expulsion from his second school in the 7th grade, he soon entangled himself in a dangerous and destructive lifestyle of drugs and violence. The revolving door of jail seemed like the only constant in his life, and his future appeared bleak.

However, in December 2008, John experienced a profound transformation. By God’s grace and through Pastor Tim Remington’s ministry and rehab program, John repented from his life of sin, found solace in the Precious Blood of the Lamb, and was reborn. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a new life. John now spends his life trying to bring new life to others whose lives are heading in the same direction that John’s was. 

In short, John Padula’s mission is now one of service to others, which extends to serving his fellow residents as County Commissioner. 

A Family Man and a Mentor

Today, at 45 years old, John is a devoted husband to his wife Amanda and a proud father of four children – three daughters and a son. Married since 2011, John describes Amanda as his best friend, emphasizing the importance of family in his life. Together, they strive to give their children a healthy and positive upbringing, and they enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping together in the beautiful environs of North Idaho. His family bond is the source of strength that propels John to continually strive for positive change in his community, to make a better world for his and everyone else’s families. 

John has been a pastor since 2013, and his commitment to spiritual leadership has been evident through the ministry he and his wife established in 2012, called Set Apart Discipleship. This home-based ministry has provided a haven for approximately 600 individuals seeking recovery from addiction. John’s dedication to helping others find their path to redemption extends beyond the pulpit and into the fabric of his daily life.

The Padula family is not just about preaching; they are about actively engaging with their community. As a family, the Padula’s strive to reach the lost and serve their community. Knowing the destruction and sorrow that can accompany a life without hope and help, John and his family are committed to positively impacting the lives of those around them. 

A New Way of Serving

Now, John is taking a step further in his journey of service by running for County Commissioner, aiming to extend his dedication to the welfare of North Idahoans to a broader platform.

This candidacy marks John’s first foray into public office, a testament to his genuine desire to improve his community. His story is one of redemption, which has revealed to him the importance of building strong families and making an unyielding commitment to serving others.

As the people of North Idaho consider their choices for County Commissioner, in John, they are presented with a candidate whose life’s journey reflects a deep understanding of the struggles many in our community face and a sincere commitment to fostering positive change. Kootenai County will have not just a representative but a compassionate advocate. Vote John Padula for Kootenai County on May 21, 2024.