A thank you from john to his supporters and endorsements

“I have known John for well over ten years. John has been open about his past, and more open about his present and future. John is a strong conservative, but maintains a core set of values, where he listens to all who present issues, and has exercised solid judgement without prejudice. John exemplifies solid North Idaho family values as well as a balanced sense of responsibility to all that he serves. John has helped me and now thousands in their journey for betterment, and I feel will deploy the same leadership philosophy to his position in leadership of Kootenai County. Reach out to him, let him listen to you and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Pat Riley

“John Padula is one of the best examples of personal growth and development I have ever witnessed. He and I have been friends for many years and his growth has been consistent—and steady!
I have seen many competent and educated men fail miserably and others rise to excellence against the tide of so-called expert evaluators.
Whatever he sets his hand to do will prosper.”

Paul D. Van Noy, Pastor

” John Padula is a man of great character, honesty and integrity. John has laid his life down in the service of others, advocates for his community and believes deeply in people. He is a wonderful friend, husband and father and lives a life of authenticity.”

Jonathon Owens, “J.O.”

“I have known John for a little over seven years. In that time I have known him to be a man of virtue, character, and faithfulness. I’ve heard some of John’s past. While it is contrary to the values and beliefs that I hold, I have seen a man redeemed from selfishness and poor choices, to becoming a tireless and selfless servant! I don’t think our community could ask for anything more than that from someone in a position of governmental leadership.”

Dennis Gross-Gross Donuts

“We are very excited to recommend & support John Padula for Kootenai County Commissioner. We have worked with and watched John Padula for over 8 years in his very active & successful roles in our church. John exhibits great time management skills, focusing on his duties & mission, while supporting all persons involved and being a great team player. John’s strong gift of discernment and ability to analyze and solve problems will be a strong asset to our Kootenai County Community.”

Dave & Jill Spiker, Founders & Owner/Managers of Diamond Spike 55+ Rathdrum LLC

“I confidently recommend John Padula for the position of Kootenai county commissioner. John has been helping people improve their lives and reach their goals through his Set Apart Ministries and the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation program for many years. Through the same conservative principles, I believe John can enhance Kootenai County and the people who live in the great state of Idaho.”

Keith Jones
K2 Custom Homes

“I have known John Padula for many years and continue to be impressed by him. John has made and continues to make a huge difference in our community. His work in ministry and helping rehabilitate people is unmatched. His ability to manage his business, his family and ministry is amazing. John Padula has the integrity, morals, and self motivation to continue to impact every person in the situation he is involved in. I support and recommend John Padula for Kootenai County Commissioner.

Best Tire and Auto


John Padula is not a politician; he is a statesman. John is a man of character and understands the importance of morality and the principles of liberty. A vote for John ensures that Kootenai county will remain a beacon of freedom. We at Church and State fully endorse him.


“Over the last five years, I have had extensive business dealings and a long-term business relationship with John Padula. I can’t imagine a more honorable man to serve our community. I have seen him time and again humbly serve our community in a multitude of ways.”

April Markowski