“John Padula is a man of high moral character. He’s an honest and good man. He is dedicated 100% to God, Family, and Country. The Founders of America warned us that citizens must be educated about the political process and that We The People are in charge of our Government. This is the reason why I am proud to endorse John Padula for Kootenai County Commissioner. His candidacy is an opportunity to return Kootenai County and Idaho and yes, America, to those principles upon which our nation was founded. We must elect people who are dedicated to the Holy Cause of Liberty. John Padula is that person. If we are going to be free, we must elect people who believe in the principles of freedom. Vote for a change, vote for America, vote for John Padula!”

Sheriff Richard Mack

“John’s proven track record, makes him the ideal candidate for Kootenai county commissioner. I value John for his wisdom, dedication, and unwavering, moral standards. These qualities are what we need in our community. John has a great love for Jesus, his family, and his community.”

S. Sternberg

Why I am Running

My decision to run for Kootenai County Commissioner is a reflection of my sincere desire to enhance our community. I want to bring the residents of Kootenai County together to find solutions rather than division.  I believe that if we accomplish this, our community will be thriving!

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